Temple Dome – Depicting Lord’s standing form from all sides

Gorgeous Temple with a Beautiful Temple Dome Depicting the Standing form of Lord Vitthal from all sides of the vision
The main feature of the Bhuvaikutha project is its appearance from a long distance. According to scripture, if someone is not able to go inside the temple of the Lord and take the darshan of the Lord. Then he can see the beautiful temple dome and get the same benefit of seeing the Lord personally in the temple. The main feature of this temple is its dome. It depicts the standing form of Lord Vitthal putting His hands on His waist. Some more highlights are as follows,

  1. Shikhar height is about 18 m.
  2. There are four floors in Temple, in which the floors are Lower ground, Upper ground, First floor, and Second floor with a mezzanine floor.
  3. Darshan Hall’s main is on the second floor, with balconies overlooking the hall from the mezzanine floor.
  4. Darshan Hall has a total capacity of 1500 people sitting inside the hall.
  5. The first floor consists of a 7D theatre, Expo Gallery, and a Room Dedicated to A.C Bhaktivedanta Srila Swami Prabhupada.
  6. The upper ground floor consists of a Bazaar Mall named Vaikunth Bazaar.
  7. Total area of the temple building is about 19449.41 sq m
  8. Total plot area which is developed is about 46923.40 sq m
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