Musical Fountain and Light Show

A musical fountain, also known as a fairy fountain, prismatic fountain or dancing fountain, is a type of choreographed fountain that creates aesthetic designs as a form of entertainment. The displays are commonly synchronised to music and also feature lighting effects that are refracted and reflected by the moving water. Contemporary multimedia fountains can include lasers, video projection and three-dimensional imagery.

Traditional musical fountains, complete water theaters with multimedia options, water show with baroque style fountains and modern water jets for a more contemporary line, our range of jets and water effects is simply impressive!

Musical fountains are those in which water, light and sound combine to form different choreographies. With these fountains, the light and sound are as important as the water, as the shoots of water dance to the rhythm of the devotional music and play with the lights to create a show worthy of admiration.

For science students, the fountain explains important phenomena of hydro-statics, hydrodynamics, electromagnetism and digital electronics. The spouts of water emanating from the fountain heads observe the basic laws of fluid dynamics including Pascals law and Bernoulli’s principle.

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