Conference Hall

A facility to systematically teach members of the society in ethical and spiritual values that will help them to imbibe the lessons from the scriptures in their day-to-day life. The fully equipped conference halls will facilitate the preaching of Sanatana Dharma to all the people of the society.

The Bhuvaikunth temple is happy to offer a facility for the devotees for various needs. A meeting place for between fifteen to fifty people. The room was recently remodeled with hardwood floors and recessed lighting.  Chairs and couches can be provided. It’s a large open room that is privately situated.  There is a large screen for presentations and videos and a full sound system. It’s a quiet, secure area and easy to find.

A perfect place for small seminars, parties, and birth and wedding announcements.  It will be an ideal place for gurus to hold meetings with their disciples. It is next door to The Govinda’s Extension so that Prasadam could be had before or after the event.

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