Pandharpur : The Land of Lord Vitthala


           Pandharpur, the Land of Lord Vitthala, is one of the most pious place in India revered with steeped devotion to  Lord Krishna, who is also locally known as “Vitthala” or “Vithoba” or “Panduranga”. Padma Purana and Skanda Purana describe that Lord Krishna came to Pandharpur in search of Rukmini Devi, when she became upset from Krishna while They were living in Dwaraka.


tat kshetram pandurangakhyam darshanat mokshadayakam

         tat daivatam vitthalaakhyam jagat karan avyayam

            “One gets liberation in Pandharpur just by having darshan of this        holy place. The cause of this material world, Lord Vitthala is the Lord of      Pandharpur.” – Padma Puran

Bhuvaikuntha Pandharpur

ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) Bhuvaikuntha Pandharpur is a spiritual center located in the holy town of Pandharpur, Maharashtra, India.

The ISKCON Bhuvaikuntha Pandharpur project is a monumental initiative to construct a magnificent temple complex in Pandharpur, dedicated to Lord Vithal. This project aims to create a spiritual haven for devotees and seekers, preserving the town’s sacred heritage and providing a place for deepening one’s connection with the divine teachings of Lord Krishna.

ISKCON Bhuvaikuntha Pandharpur is also actively involved in various philanthropic activities, including distributing Prasadam (sanctified food) and organizing spiritual events and festivals. It serves as a hub for those seeking to deepen their devotion to Lord Krishna and experience the rich spiritual heritage of Pandharpur.

Invitation to Visit Pandharpur Dham

We cordially invite you to embark on a spiritual journey to the sacred town of Pandharpur and experience the divine presence of Lord Vithal. Nestled on the banks of the Chandrabhaga River, Pandharpur is renowned for its rich spiritual heritage and the deep devotion of its people.

At ISKCON Bhuvaikuntha Pandharpur, you’ll find a haven of peace and devotion, where you can immerse yourself in kirtans, meditations, and soul-nourishing spiritual discourses. Join us in this blissful pilgrimage and partake in the sanctified prasadam while basking in the divine aura of this sacred land.

Your presence will enhance the spiritual vibrations of our community, and we look forward to sharing this sacred journey with you.

Donate Generously in the Service of Lord


Prasadam Distribution – Food for Life

Support the ISKCON Food for Life project in Pandharpur and be a part of a noble cause. Your donation helps provide free prasadam to both the less fortunate and devoted pilgrims visiting this sacred place. Join us in spreading nourishment and spirituality to those in need.
Donate today and share the blessings

Prabhupada Ghat

Prabhupada Ghat & Warakari Seva

Support the ISKCON efforts in serving Warakari at Prabhupada Ghat in Pandharpur Dham. Your donation can help preserve Ghat, ensuring a clean and rejuvenated place for pilgrims and warakaris. Join us in our mission to protect the spiritual and ecological heritage of this divine land


Support the Cow Service Project

Contribute to the well-being of sacred cows. Your donation ensures our Lord Vithal’s loving cows receive the care they deserve while preserving a vital aspect of our heritage. Join us in this noble cause today and make a difference in their lives.


New Temple Project

Support the divine cause of building a new temple at ISKCON Pandharpur, the sacred abode of Lord Vithal. Your generous donations will help create a spiritual haven for Vaisnavas, preserving our rich heritage and allowing devotees to deepen their connection with the Supreme. Join hands with ISKCON Pandharpur and be a part of this auspicious endeavor.

Glorification of Donation in the service of Lord

Become a servant of Lord Vitthal

               anubhave anubhava avaghachi sadhila,  tari sthiravala mana thayi
                                pituniya aala alankar, dagdha te asaar houniya
                       yekachi urale kayavachamana, aanandbhuvanamaji trayi
                    tuka mhane aamhi jinkila samsaar, houni kinkar vithobache

“By realizing Lord Vitthala, my mind became pacified. Impure gold is purified is purified by heating and different ornaments are prepared out off pure gold. In the same way we also got purified and all impurities also washed away. Now we only remain with transcendental happiness. Tukaram Maharaj says, we have conquered maya (the illusory potency of Lord) by becoming servant of Lord Vitthala.”

Become a servant of Lord Vitthal and play an integral role in spreading divine love, peace and service. Embrace the path of selfless service and experience the blessings of Lord Vithala firsthand.

About Srila Prabhupada

Srila Prabhupada, the revered founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), was a visionary spiritual leader who tirelessly dedicated his life to spreading the teachings of Bhakti yoga and the divine wisdom of Lord Krishna worldwide. With unwavering faith and determination, he translated sacred scriptures, established temples, and initiated countless disciples, igniting a global spiritual movement. Srila Prabhupada’s profound contributions continue to inspire and guide seekers on their spiritual journeys, embodying the essence of devotion, humility, and the pursuit of spiritual truth. His legacy lives on as an eternal source of inspiration for all.

About HH Lokanath Swami Maharaj

His Holiness Lokanath Swami Maharaj is a revered spiritual leader within the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). With his profound wisdom, unwavering devotion to Lord Krishna, and a lifetime dedicated to spreading the teachings of Bhakti yoga, he has touched the hearts of countless devotees worldwide. Maharaj’s gentle demeanor and deep spirituality make him a guiding light for those seeking a path of devotion and self-realization. His inspirational discourses and exemplary life of service inspire individuals to lead more meaningful and spiritually fulfilling lives in the service of Lord Krishna.

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